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Precision Air Space is built on an extensive understanding of our environment. With backgrounds in Forestry, Land Management, Information Technology and Customer Service. We're driven by a passion to utilise technological advances to find best practice solutions.

Our qualified pilots have both Agricultural and Chemical ratings. Precision Air Space is certificated to operate under the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand Part 102.

Our UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) machinery offers different perspectives to what are often age old problems. Our experience tells us that Land Managers and Property Owners have an in-depth knowledge of their particular needs. That knowledge has been invaluable to our company, helping us modify approaches and push us forward. Drones are multi purpose tools, contributing to our economy and dovetailing with imagination. 

The initial goals of Precision Air Space were simple.

"Be efficient, be precise, reduce the excessive application of Chemical within our environment and ultimately, to protect our water." Our goals haven't changed.  


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